How to Build Your Social Networking Empire – 3 Tips to Get More Friends

One of the first questions people ask me about social networking is how to find more friends. After all, a big part of social networking (when you’re doing it for business that is) is to find more prospects. And if you don’t get some friends and followers, you’re not going to accomplish that. (Not to mention the fact that the whole point of social networking is being social, and without friends or followers that will be tough to do.)So how do you find friends and followers? Below are 3 general tips that will work on all social networking platforms. (In other articles I’ll talk about strategies on specific sites.)1. Find people yourself. Yes this is as simple as it sounds. Go out and friend or follow people. Chances are they’ll eventually follow or accept your friend request, and then you’ll start building your list.The downside is it’s time consuming for you. It takes more time than you might expect to search and check out profiles. (And you don’t want to do this willy nilly. You do want to make sure the people you’re befriending or following are in your target market or you’re wasting your time and energy.)Plus some sites, such as Facebook, have limits on how many people you can friend in one day, which makes the process take even longer.So yes, this is a good strategy to get the momentum going, but I wouldn’t rely on it as a long-term strategy.A much better way is to get your target market to come to you. How do you do that? Well…2. Be visible. In other words, whatever social networking site you’re focusing on, log on and do stuff on it. Post updates, post comments, ask questions, tweet, etc. If people see you around, then they’ll start coming to you.You can also use many of the automated tools to cross-feed the different social networking platforms into each other. So, for example, you can feed Twitter into Facebook, your blog into Facebook and Twitter, and Twitter and Facebook into your blog. All that cross-pollination means you don’t have to recreate the wheel — you can choose where you’re posting for maximum effect.3. Be a friend. What does it mean to be a friend? Well, friends help each other out, right? So, make sure you spend some of your time helping out your social networking friends. Maybe you promote one of your friends’ products or services or free teleclass. Maybe you give a testimonial. Maybe you answer a question or give some free advice with no strings attached. Maybe you provide really great content. Think about how you can help someone else and do it.So, do these tips sound familiar? They should. They also work in the offline world. If you want friends in the real world, what do you do? You go out and meet people. You’re not going to make very many friends if you spend all your nights holed up in your house on your couch watching Law and Order reruns.You make yourself visible in your community so people will see you and introduce themselves to you. And the more you do for other people, the more that goodwill will come back to you.This is really important to keep in mind. Social networking is just like networking in the real world. Yes, it looks different online. Yes the tools you use is different. Yes the etiquette is different. But if you come from a place of truly trying to be a good social networking pal, then everything else will fall into place. If you come to social networking looking for a shortcut to building real relationships, then you’re probably going to be disappointed with the results.

3 Ways to Use Social Media in Network Marketing

Social media is the perfect marriage for the network marketing industry. I have known and met many network marketers who use mediums such as Facebook and MySpace purely for their business and have seen great success. I have personally used the powers of social media to recruit as many as sixteen new distributors in one month. With that said, this article will attempt to discuss some of the more powerful strategies of social media for advertising network marketing.Social Media Strategy 1 Get friendly! After setting up an attractive profile and getting up pictures of yourself, it is time to get out there and meet people. Social networks is like a big party, or business after hours and so needs to be treated the same as if it was in real life and not on the internet. At a party you are mingling and meeting new people. You don’t just go right up and say, “BUY FROM ME”, because it would be wrong and an extremely useless tactic. Rather go find groups in your preferred social network, and start adding those people with the intent to REALLY network with them and get to know them better.Social Media Strategy 2 Start talking! Update your statuses, write blog posts, and post pictures of things you are heavily interested in and knowledgeable of. It could be MLM your discussing, but it doesn’t need to be. The important thing is that the authentic you is coming through so when you start speaking to your new found friends about business, they know you’re more than an advertisement who is just advertising their MLM business. By being authentic people will trust you more which gives you more rapport and pull with that person.Social Media Strategy 3 Call them. Yup. You heard that right. In some social network mediums such as Facebook, the social network actually offers a phone number service that you can use to call up your friends. If you have your friends segregated into groups such as MLM Group 1 or Network Marketing Friends Group, you can find that list of friends with all their phone numbers. Most network marketers are very accepting of a stranger calling them about their business, and most people who your product would help will most likely be the same.Even with these strategies to set up your social media empire’s foundation, you still need to understand the power of generating leads and making these leads, friends and lists convert into new distributors and customers for you. And that is where knowledge of internet network marketing tactics comes into play.For more information follow the instructions below.